Jan 21, 2017

Here are all the Tdap #vaccine #inserts pdfs so you can read about the ingredients.

Jan 20, 2017

Therefore even young, recently #vaccinated children may serve as reservoirs and potential transmitters of infection.

4 students contract whooping cough at school all 4 were Fully #vaccinated. #Vaccine failure or planned obsolescence

18 Vaccine Patents Owned by the CDC

Here are links to 57 #vaccine patents owned by the CENTER FOR DISEASES CREATION AND PROLIFERATION #THEY

The Rotavirus #vaccine #patent is owned by the CDC. #THEY approve their own product then use tax money to buy it!

Here is 1 of 52 #vaccine #patents the CDC own and profit from approving the #safety of the product.

Mandatory #vaccine legislation coming to a state near you in 2017

Even if you avoid #vaccines you still get exposed to them via the food you eat. Animals get multiple #vaccinations

Jan 19, 2017

ASIA: Autoimmune/inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants. #Vaccine induced injury.

CDC owns 20 patents on Vaccines Paul Offit the head of #vaccine safety owns one. He said "I am a co-holder of a patent for a (rotavirus) vaccine. If this vaccine were to become a routinely recommended vaccine, I would make money off of that," Offit said

This is the biggest roadblock I face when researching #vaccines. Peer reviewed studies cost 1,000's of Dollars!

Get ready for 3 new #epidemics: Mers, Lassa fever and Nipah virus have been fast tracked to become the next #vaccine

More like a billion dollar Bioweapons production project. #vaccines = #eugenics