Oct 13, 2012

Typhoid Vaccine Recalled

Vaccinations Equal Sterilazations
Via: Royalgazette 
 Residents immunised against Typhoid by the Department of Health in the past year may have to get a second shot. The department yesterday announced that pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur had recalled batches of the vaccine administered here between July 2011 and September 2012. Persons vaccinated during that time are not at risk for any ill effects, a Government spokeswoman said.
 “The recall action is being taken to assure that only the most effective vaccines are in circulation in countries, and so that individuals visiting areas at high risk of Typhoid contamination pay extra attention to food and water hygiene to avoid contact with the bacterium."
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Google Lunar X Prize Robot Built to Find Lunar Water

Google in Space?
Via: Space
 The search for water ice on the moon could be led someday by a robot armed with a 4-foot drill. With the first prototype of the lunar rover, called Polaris, comes the prospect of eventually extracting resources from the moon, asteroids or other planets through space mining.
 Polaris is the robot of choice for Astrobotic Technology, one of many private teams competing for the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize for landing robotic explorers on the moon. But Astrobotic also wants to build a lasting business out of its lunar exploration efforts by testing the technologies needed for space mining.
Human Hunting Robots?

Meningitis Outbreak A Criminal Probe Is Demanded

Manufacturing Meningitis
Via: Reuters
 As many as 14,000 people - more than previously thought - received possibly tainted steroid injections tied to a deadly U.S. meningitis outbreak and patients should watch for symptoms for several months, health officials said on Thursday.
 The officials said the company at the center of the outbreak, the Massachusetts New England Compounding Center, appeared to have violated its license by producing large quantities of drugs rather than prescriptions for individual patients, as calls grew for a criminal probe.
 "This organization chose to apparently violate the licensing requirements under which they were allowed to operate," said Dr. Madeleine Biondolillo, director of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality. NECC officials were not immediately available for comment.
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Oct 12, 2012

US Navy Working Personal Drones 'MacGyver' Robots

MacGyver Robot
Via: Technewsdaily
 Handy humans such as MacGyver can think of fast fixes for almost any scenario, but robots would still have trouble just getting around a fire or using a crowbar to pry open a stuck door. The U.S. Navy plans to help make a robotic MacGyver with almost $1 million in funding.
 A robot that could know or learn how to stand on a chair to reach a high object, brace a ladder, stack boxes to climb over obstacles, or build a temporary bridge from nearby wooden planks could do more than help itself — it could help U.S. sailors, airmen or soldiers in both peacetime and war. Such smart robots could possibly also pave the way for smarter robot servants capable of playing maid or butler by helping homeowners around the house.
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Spider Bot: Personal Camping Robot Encloser & Guide

Via: Gadjitz
 One of the most challenging aspects of designing military robots is giving them the ability to travel in adverse conditions. Military operations often take place in unforgiving terrains, with weather and physical obstacles providing further problems. So how should the military robots of the future deal with sand, ice, rocks and other difficult situations? According to design firm Motion Code Blue, spiders provide the perfect design inspiration.
 Although Motion Code Blue proposes the Croww 540 as a “personal robot” for modern exploration, it’s easy to see how the hexapod bot would be indispensable in a military or law enforcement setting. Its six legs provide stability even in rough terrain, making it perfect for sandy environments where other robots might have a hard time staying upright. The Croww 540 is designed to carry heavy loads of supplies or drinking water as well as equipment necessary for exploring or carrying out important missions.
Robots Hunting Humans?

Mandatory Vaccinations: Maids 'must' complete vaccine course

NWO Vaccinating Maid's?
Via: Emirates247
The Ministry of Health reiterated the need for completion of vaccinations against hepatitis of migrant domestic workers. The cabinet passed a decision in this regard in 2010.
 Dr. Mahmoud Fikri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Assistant for Health Policies appealed to all the categories of expats who have to receive the Hepatitis B vaccination to complete all three doses in order to avoid fines.
 It is also mandatory for housemaids and other workers covered in the vaccination plan to complete the vaccination course as those who do not have the certificate to prove that they have received all three doses of the vaccine will be in trouble. The workers will have to submit a certificate of vaccination when they apply for visa renewal.
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Oct 11, 2012

DARPA's Plan X: Mapping The Internet Using Virtual Soldiers

Internet Soldiers
Via: Slate
 Next month, the Pentagon’s research unit DARPA will hold a brainstorming session with the private sector about the cyber-warfare project dubbed “Plan X.” Coming from the agency that gave us robotic mules, cars that drive themselves, not to mention the earliest beginnings of the Internet, an event of this scale might hold huge potential for cyber warfare technology.
 As the project name may suggest, details on Plan X are scarce. But we do know that it will be on the offense, not the defense. Despite apparent involvement in Flame and Stuxnet, the U.S. has avoided any talk over taking arms in the cyberwar. But with Plan X, along with the Air Force annoucing in February that they’re looking for better technology to launch cyber attacks and gather intelligence, the times may be a’changing. Cybertech expert James Lewis told the New York Times that he sees Plan X as “operationalizing and routinizing cyberattack capabilities.”
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Smile! New Research Promises False Teeth Grown in Mouth | Gadgets, Science & Technology

Growing Teeth
Via: Gadjitz
The technique, developed by Dr. Jeffrey Mao, involves placing a tooth “scaffolding” made of natural materials in the patient’s mouth and directing stem cells to develop into a new, healthy tooth. By growing a real tooth right in the patient’s mouth, the patient’s healing time is greatly reduced when compared to that required after dental implants, and the chance of rejection by the patient’s body is almost eliminated.
MicroChips In The Medications

DARPA Researchers Build Dissolvable Medical Electronics

Now You See It Now You Don't
Via: Pcmag
 The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) researchers are building a system of dissolvable, biocompatible electronics that could be put to use in implantable medical treatments.
Made of ultrathin sheets of silicon and magnesium encapsulated in silk, the components combine to become a water-soluble material that will dissolve in a matter of days, hours, or minutes.
By tweaking the thickness and crystallinity of the silk, scientists can determine how long the electronics will take to dissolve.
 The technology can be used to create an implantable device that would serve as a non-antibiotic, programmable bactericide, according to DARPA. It would dissolve harmlessly into the body, where low levels of silicon and magnesium are naturally occurring. The biocompatible components can prevent surgical site infection and offer remote patient care without extraction surgery – perfect for overseas soldiers.
Microchips In Medications

Oct 10, 2012

Neuroscientists Successfully Control Dreams of Rats, Humans Next?

Controlling Rats Dreams
Via: io9
 Researchers working at MIT have successfully manipulated the content of a rat’s dream by replaying an audio cue that was associated with the previous day’s events, namely running through a maze (what else). The breakthrough furthers our understanding of how memory gets consolidated during sleep — but it also holds potential for the prospect of “dream engineering.”
 Working at MIT's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, neuroscientist Matt Wilson was able to accomplish this feat by exploiting the way the brain's hippocampus encodes self-experienced events into memory. Scientists know that our hippocampus is busy at work replaying a number of the day's events while we sleep — a process that's crucial for memory consolidation. But what they did not know was whether or not these "replays" could be influenced by environmental cues.
Alzheimers Linked To Statin Drugs

DARPA's Mind Surveillance Technology With Virtual Soldiers & Brainwave Readers

BrainWave Readers
Via: Thenewamerican
 Taking a closer look at the descriptions of the goods being cooked up in the DARPA test kitchen gives a glimpse into the near future, where government agents (or those in local law enforcement attached to them) are able to scan the brainwaves of people in a crowd and detect the presence of a potential threat to homeland security. Once identified, the target can then be followed anywhere on the globe using an interconnected web of cameras and other recording devices that upload real-time images to an end user.Within this complex of dormitories and labs near the campus of George Mason University, the embryos of powerful virtual soldiers in the service of the surveillance state are being incubated.
Drones With Shotguns

Smart Body Art: Glucose-Monitoring Tattoos for Diabetics | Gadgets, Science & Technology

Glucose Monitoring Tattoo
Via: Gadjitz
Several-times-daily testing of blood sugar can make life difficult for diabetics. They’re chained to their glucose monitors in a way, making it hard to live a regular life. Continuous glucose monitoring is helpful, but just as intrusive in one’s life. A team at MIT is developing a method for tattooing diabetics with a nanoparticle ink that will keep track of glucose levels, eliminating the need for multiple finger pricks every day. The method is different from the implantable medical monitors being developed by the University of Pennsylvania; rather than tiny LEDs under the skin, the diabetes-monitoring tattoos would consist of nanotubes wrapped in a glucose-sensitive polymer.
Computer Chips in Medications

Oct 9, 2012

Alabama Health Officials Release Vaccine Recall List

Vaccinations Tween 80
The Alabama Department of Public Health has released a list of hospitals in the state included in the third recall of vaccines by the New England Compounding Center. State officials say the latest recall is precautionary and the recalled products have no known association with confirmed disease and have not been proven to be contaminated. They say hospitals in this recall and the second recall will be notifying patients who received the products purchased or produced after May 21, 2012.
 The FDA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and ADPH have asked health care facilities to notify all individuals who received an injectable NECC product. Those include an ophthalmic drug that is injectable or used in conjunction with eye surgery and a cardioplegic solution, purchased from or produced by NECC after May 21, 2012. The types of procedures include, but are not limited to, epidurals, joint injections, eye surgeries and heart surgeries. Nineteen Alabama residents have received NECC contaminated steroid products from procedures in Tennessee and Florida.
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DARPA's HALE High Altitude Long Endurance Drones

HALE Global Hawk
Via: Networkworld
" During its final test flight, two modified Global Hawk aircraft flew in close formation, 100 feet or less between refueling probe and receiver drogue, for the majority of a 2.5-hour engagement at 44,800 feet.  This demonstrated for the first time that High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) class aircraft can safely and autonomously operate under in-flight refueling conditions. The flight was the ninth test and the first time the aircraft flew close enough to measure the full aerodynamic and control interactions. Flight data was analyzed over the past few months and fed back into simulations to verify system safety and performance through contact and fuel transfer-including the effects of turns and gusts up to 20 knots."
Drones With Shotguns

Vaccinated Students Contract Whooping Cough

Via: Sandiego6
 Two students at San Diego schools were diagnosed with pertussis, a respiratory disease also known as whooping cough that can easily spread in public settings, the county Health and Human Services Agency reported Friday. The diagnosed students were a 15-year-old who attends Canyon Crest Academy in the San Dieguito Union High School District and a 10-year-old at Sage Canyon Elementary School in the Del Mar Union School District. Both were up-to-date on their pertussis vaccinations, county health officials said.

Internet Use Disorder? 2013 DSM-V New Disorders For New Medication

Internet Use Disorder
Via: Care2
What are the symptoms of Internet Use Disorder?
 Internet Use Disorder or IUD presents itself in many ways that are standard for addiction. Symptoms include but are not limited to:
1. A “preoccupation” with the Internet or Internet gaming
  • 2. Withdrawal symptoms when no longer able to access the Internet
  • 3. An increasing tolerance to the stimuli which means they require more time and greater Internet use in order to achieve the same high
  • 4. A loss of other interests
  • 5. Using the Internet to replace or make up for a lack of human relationships
  • 6. Failed attempts at quitting their Internet overuse
  • 7. Using the Internet as a tool to escape or improve general depression and sadness
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Oct 8, 2012

Counter-Terrorism Summit Will Feature ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Simulation

Counter Terrorism Drill?
Via: Nydailynews
Along with mock terror attack exercises and disaster response drills, an anti-terrorism summit in San Diego will feature an undead twist: a zombie apocalypse training scenario.HALO security corp. is commissioning Hollywood-worthy zombies to participate in its five-day Counter-Terrorism Summit, to be held in late October and early November on a 44-acre island in the city's Mission Bay section.
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Tooth Tattoos Will Monitor Your Health: Big Brother In Your Mouth

Via: Gajitz
The tattoos are wireless and powered by resonant coils so there’s no need for charging or batteries. They work with the wonder material graphene, which can grab each individual bacteria and make the sensors amazingly sensitive. Decorative tooth tattoos are already a fashion fad in many parts of the world, so maybe these medical sensors could be incorporated into the more decorative dental decals to create a product that’s functional and fun. But for those of us who choose to keep our tooth tattoos private, the graphene sensors can also be applied painlessly to out-of-sight places in the mouth.
Micro Chips In The Medications

DARPA Begin Testing Mule Robot On The Battlefield

Via: Computerworld It looks like a bull, trots at the speed of a wolf and carries equipment like a pack mule, but does it have a place on the battlefield of the future? Researchers  are conducting a two-year study of a robot that promises to lighten the load that soldiers must carry and they gave it a high-profile demonstration in September.  The four-legged robot, developed by the U.S. government-funded Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Boston Dynamics, is part of DARPA's Legged Squad Support System (LS3) program, and is packed with technology. It's a development on Big Dog, a robot platform developed by Boston Dynamics several years ago.  As warfare gets more high tech, soldiers are being asked to carry more gear -- as much as 45 kilograms, according to the U.S. military -- and that can slow them down, bring on injuries or hasten the onset of fatigue. So the U.S. Army and DARPA have made physical overburden an important focus of their technology research. Human Hunting Robots

"GMO Ticking Time Bomb" New Documentary

Genetically modified organisms exist for the sole purpose of generating more profits and making more money for the new world orders elitists. These same profiteers seek to make huge profits by mutating food so that when you eat it that mutation is passed on to you and expressed in the form of new allergies,disorders and illness. Then big pharma can step in with their crippling cures that will only aid in quickening your pace to the grave.This cycle of profit is hinged on your pain and continued use of the medical industries poisons disguised as cures.
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First Lab-Grown Trachea: The Rise of the Cyborg?

Lab Grown Trachea
Via: Gadjitz
 Lab-grown body parts are plentiful in science fiction, but they haven’t yet made it into the everyday practices of real-life surgeons. A groundbreaking surgery in Sweden might change that after a patient received a transplanted trachea that was grown from his very own stem cells. In an incredible cooperation between surgeons at Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden and University College in London, a man whose own windpipe was ruined by cancer was the recipient of the first donor-less transplant in June 2011.
Genetically Modified Soldiers?

How They Control The Drones: Tactical Robot Controller

Like Playing A Game?
Via: qinetiq-na
The Tactical Robot Controller (or TRC) is the latest innovation out of QinetiQ North America’s Unmanned Systems Group. The TRC is a lightweight, wearable controller that allows the Marine or Soldier to control a family of unmanned ground vehicles, various unmanned air vehicles, and unattended ground sensors – a wide variety of platforms made by different companies all controlled by the TRC.
Human Controlled Robots

Oct 7, 2012

The Human Avatar 2045 Project

"The Avatar program will develop interfaces and algorithms to enable a soldier to effectively partner with a semi-autonomous bi-pedal machine and allow it to act as the soldier's surrogate," Wired quoted DARPA as saying.
The robots' duties will include "room clearing, sentry control [and] combat casualty recovery."

Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV Armed With Auto Shotguns & Gas Canisters