Jul 26, 2012

Darpa's Military is Genetically Modifying Tobacco to Mass Produce Flu Vaccines

Spooky article talks about the Military using genetically modified tobacco to produce vaccine like particles used to assemble the flu vaccine in mass quantities in case of an epidemic. The process of mutating the tobacco is explained in this excerpt from the Wired article link below:
 "Plant-based vaccines, however, are developed using “virus-like particles,” which actually resemble viruses on a genetic level but are non-infectious. They can’t spread between people, and they help produce anti-viral antibodies. To produce the particles, scientists synthesize the DNA of the flu virus, combine the flu DNA with bacteria, and then soak the plants with it. After soaking for a few minutes, the plants then start producing the flu-fighting particles. Those particles then become the basis for a vaccine."
Darpa's Flu Fighters Ramp Up Veggie-Based Vaccines | Danger Room |

Ghost Recon Alpha Military Technology

Here is a killer video that reveals possible military technology that special forces
might be using in the near future. Notice how they deal with the death of one of their this standard protocol with today's special forces?

Jul 25, 2012

Will the Glass of the Future be Watching You?

Corning Glass gives us a peak of what is in store for the future of interactive glass and how it will make the internet and social interactivity an integral part of life. Just like the robots they will use to gather up the dissidence during the coming civil wars or the micro robot used for surveillance and administering drugs. This is peek into what our future holds....notice in the doctors office when he is having a consultation with his peer the glass is acting like webcam. Will all this glass be used to monitor our activity like the big brother in 1984?

Parents asked to Administer Flu Vaccines to their Children

 The system makes incremental steps towards the goal of complete control of the human condition and with every attempt they move closer to a reality in which we administer our own poisons to not only ourselves but to our children. The latest installment in our medical system of madness is to have parents administer vaccines to kids this will ensure that if a vaccine does damage to your child the only one held accountable will be you. That is if the recommendation of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is implemented by the British Government and its National Health Services.
 The first of these vaccines to be administer by parents, teachers or trained nursing assistance will be the live attenuated intranasal influenza vaccine called Fluenz marketed by AstraZeneca. Notice the words "live attenuated" this refers to the virus used in the vaccine. If you remember in the report I did called "Vaccine Mutates Chicken Virus Creates Deadly New Strain"  the Australian chicken farming industry used vaccines which contained live viruses. These live virus vaccines were injected into chickens and then through a genetic process they recombined to create a completely new virus which is stronger than the original.
 Giving kids live attenuated vaccines might be a way the eugenicist are creating new viruses and spreading new disease. This would be a standard play in the Heagalion tactics of problem reaction solution the new world orders minions love to implement on the unsuspecting masses gaining traction towards their plans of turning people into patients and kids into commodities.
Here is the Report by the Guardian out of UK:

Parents could be asked to administer flu vaccine to their children | Society |

Jul 23, 2012

New CDC Report 81% Pertussis Cases Involved Fully Vaccinated Kids!

$5 Gift Card You Vs. Flu
 I reported on the Washington State Whooping Cough Outbreak involved 74% fully vaccinated kids and thought those were staggering numbers. I made a video a year ago on the Mandatory DTap Vaccine campaign that swept across California like a tsunami of disinformation called "No Shot No School". It appeared in every Target, Rite Aid, CVS, Wal-marts and Wal-Greens that had a pharmacy in some of the stores they offered reward points for getting a Flu Vaccine as pictured above You vs Flu $5 gift card. I can't help but wonder if these vaccine are the actual cause of the outbreaks? Remember the only solution ever offered by mainstream media is for everyone to get vaccinated. I have vaccine exemption forms  available on my website listed by State free of charge.
Mike Adams from Natural News reports:
 81% of 2010 California pertussis cases under the age of 18 were fully vaccinated children. In a pertussis outbreak in Texas, the CDC statistics show that 81.5 percent of cases were fully vaccinated with four DTaP shots. Washington State health officials are saying this year's pertussis cases could top a 60 year old record in spite of approximately 84 percent vaccination coverage. Reuters recently reported that according to the CDC, the number of pertussis cases is growing - in the fully vaccinated population!

Grandpa Stop's a Massacre

 It is a known fact that crime is lowest in states that allow concealed weapons permits.

Herd Immunity: Three Reasons Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Child

 Vaccinated kids actually infect unvaccinated kids when given a live virus that remains active in their feces for up to 2 months after injections. Herd Immunity article is very well written with plenty of links to source material The Peoples Chemist is a great website worth checking out.