Oct 5, 2012

U.S. Military Developing Autonomous Robots

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I know, I know. The first thing that comes to mind when someone hears the words “autonomous robot” is a certain killing machine that sounds very similar to an ex-California governor. Sure, the military is looking to arm some of these robots, but not as many as you might think. Far too many people are still uncomfortable with the idea of setting loose a machine gun toting robot for the things to become standard issue.
 The cuddlier side of autonomous military robots is probably best summed up by the Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (BEAR). While still under development, its primary mission will be to seek out wounded soldiers and extract them from dangerous situations without exposing more military personnel to enemy fire or other hazards.

Human Hunting Robots

DARPA's 'Transient Electronics' Dissolvable Tracking Device

Dissolvable Tracking Device
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 Imagine electronic medical devices, implanted to heal wounds and then dissipating inside the human body. Environmental sensors dispersed over an oil spill, collecting data before dissolving into the earth. Or clandestine listening devices, sending recorded conversations back to military operatives and then vanishing before they can be found. In the near-future, these three scenarios could become reality. All courtesy of a military-backed venture into “transient electronics.” The idea, in essence, is to flip the hallmark elements of electronics technology — durability and long lifespans — in favor of devices that actually disappear within a set period of time.
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Foliage Penetrating Radar Drones Will Find You In The Woods

Foliage Penetrating Drone Radar
Via: Informationweek
DARPA has already developed radar that can penetrate trees and other foliage. Its Foliage Penetrating Ground Moving-Target Indicator Radar Exploitation and Planning project aims to take that work further by enabling radar to, among other things, estimate the size of groups of enemy soldiers walking on foot, and to distinguish between people exiting vehicles and, say animals or wind-blown foliage.
Genetically Modified Soldiers

Oct 3, 2012

DARPA 1.4 GigaPixel Camera

1.4 GigaPixel Camera
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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced its latest technological advance, a combination of "mind and machine" to help soldiers on the battlefield respond more quickly to deadly threats. It's the latest in a series of technical breakthroughs from the Penatgon's research arm, some of which can be applied in areas other than national defense.
A few months ago, DARPA revealed it had successfully tested a camera (pictured above) with 1.4 gigapixel resolution. To achieve that resolution--the equivalent of 1,400 megapixels--the camera builds a panoramic image from more than 100 micro cameras.
DARPA's newest development, called the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS), includes a 120-megapixel camera, radar, computers with cognitive visual-processing algorithms, and brainwave scanners worn by soldiers. It aims to help scouts assess battlefield input using a portable visual threat-detection device.

The Doctor is In (Your Skin): Incredible Medicine Implants | Gadgets, Science & Technology

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Imagine contracting an illness, getting sick, taking medicine and getting well – all without knowing that anything is happening at all. That is the promise of NASA’s revolutionary Biocapsules: tiny carbon nanotube structures that are inserted just under the skin to release medicine into the body when needed. The Biocapsules will sense when something is wrong with the body and release the appropriate medicine cells to combat the problem. With an unlimited lifespan and a huge storage capacity, the Biocapsules could keep diabetics healthy without the need for insulin shots for years.
MicroChips Embedded Into Medications

Oct 2, 2012

Viperoid Snake Robot To Be Used To Service Jet Airliners

Viperoid Snake Robot
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Engineers at firms like Rolls-Royce and General Electric are developing devices that will be specialized to find and then repair problems in plane engines. And they are being referred to -- mostly if not completely unironically -- as "snake robots." The viperoid machines, planned for a July 2014 release, would be about half an inch in diameter. They'd be bolted to an engine but controlled by a technician, who would guide them through the engine's insides as they beam back images. The whole process would be, a Rolls-Royce executive said, a bit like telesurgery.
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Are Vaccines Mutating Viruses SARS Returns WHO Is To Blame?

WHO Created This?
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A new and potentially fatal virus from the same family as SARS which was discovered in a patient in London last week appears not to spread easily from person to person, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday. In an update on the virus, which has so far killed a Saudi man and made a patient from Qatar critically ill, the United Nations health agency said it was working with international partners to understand the public health risk better.
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China to promote drones for marine surveillance - Xinhua |

Marine Drones 
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  China will promote the use of drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to strengthen the nation's marine surveillance, the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) said on Sunday. The SOA verified and accepted a pilot program of using drones to undertake remote-sensing marine surveillance in Lianyungang, a costal city in eastern Jiangsu Province on Sunday. With the experience learned from the pilot program, the SOA would try to form a managerial system and technical regulations in a bid to set up UAV surveillance and monitoring bases in provinces along China's coastline by 2015, Yu Qingsong, a division chief of the administration said.
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Oct 1, 2012

'Flab jab' A Vaccine For Fast Food Junkies

Standard American Diet SAD
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A ‘flab jab’ that allows people to gorge on junk food yet keep trim could be on the horizon.
Scientists have invented an obesity vaccine that uses the immune system to fight weight gain. In tests, mice given a single injection lost 10 per cent of body weight after four days. What is more, the animals were being fed on high-fat food – suggesting the ‘flab jab’ might allow people to eat badly yet stay slim.
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H1N1 Vaccine Makes Flu Symptoms Worsen Ferret Study Reveals

H1N1 Hype Machine
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 A double-blind, placebo-controlled animal study suggests that vaccination with seasonal influenza vaccine did, in fact, worsen symptoms after subsequent exposure to H1N1 flu, researchers found. The 16 ferrets vaccinated against seasonal influenza experienced significantly greater weight loss -- 7.4% versus 5.2% for the 16 ferrets given placebo (P=0.02), Danuta Skowronski, MD, a fellow in epidemiology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and her colleagues reported here at the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.
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Thinking Robots New Tech Coming To America

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The US military's current fleet of drones will soon be overtaken by a new wave of robots that will be faster, stealthier and smarter -- operating virtually without human intervention, experts say. The Pentagon is investing heavily in "autonomy" for robotic weapons, with researchers anticipating squadrons of drones in the air, land or sea that would work in tandem with manned machines -- often with a minimum of supervision.
Unmanned Drones

Sep 30, 2012

Jerry Brown Signs AB2109 Creating An Indirect Tax To Parents Who Opt Out

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Parents who don't have their children vaccinated will have to get a note from the doctor's office before enrolling their children in school under a bill that Gov. Jerry Brown announced Sunday he has signed into law.
 AB2109 will require parents who enroll students who have not received the required public school vaccines to get a waiver from a physician or a nurse practitioner saying they have received information about the benefits and risks of immunization.
"As a pediatrician, I have personally witnessed children suffering life-long injury and death from vaccine-preventable infection," Assemblyman Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, said in a statement. He said preventable diseases can spread not only to those who choose not to be vaccinated, but to those who can't be immunized including infants, cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, those infected with the AIDS virus, or those who are allergic to vaccines.
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I made this video back in May of this year
Here is a break down of the indirect tax being imposed on parents who choose not to participate in the current vaccination program that the states are imposing. The doctor consultation would cost $50-$125 depending on the parent’s current insurance company. With a total of 2.28% of California’s opting out of vaccination that adds up to 141,683 unvaccinated kids. Doing the math we see this would generate over $7 million dollars for the new world orders “DeathCare Industry” and rob the economy of over $15 million dollars in lost wages due to doctor consultations.