Sep 30, 2012

Jerry Brown Signs AB2109 Creating An Indirect Tax To Parents Who Opt Out

 Via: Sacbee
Parents who don't have their children vaccinated will have to get a note from the doctor's office before enrolling their children in school under a bill that Gov. Jerry Brown announced Sunday he has signed into law.
 AB2109 will require parents who enroll students who have not received the required public school vaccines to get a waiver from a physician or a nurse practitioner saying they have received information about the benefits and risks of immunization.
"As a pediatrician, I have personally witnessed children suffering life-long injury and death from vaccine-preventable infection," Assemblyman Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, said in a statement. He said preventable diseases can spread not only to those who choose not to be vaccinated, but to those who can't be immunized including infants, cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, those infected with the AIDS virus, or those who are allergic to vaccines.
Vaccine Exemption Forms
I made this video back in May of this year
Here is a break down of the indirect tax being imposed on parents who choose not to participate in the current vaccination program that the states are imposing. The doctor consultation would cost $50-$125 depending on the parent’s current insurance company. With a total of 2.28% of California’s opting out of vaccination that adds up to 141,683 unvaccinated kids. Doing the math we see this would generate over $7 million dollars for the new world orders “DeathCare Industry” and rob the economy of over $15 million dollars in lost wages due to doctor consultations.