Sep 29, 2012

Self Manned Office Drones Will Monitor Employees: The Avatar Boss?

 If you have $16,000 lying around and I hankering to virtually cruise the halls of some distant office, Suitable Technologies has something suitable that it has just debuted. The company has new telepresence robot called the Beam Remote Presence System or Beam RPS.The robot requires three components, the robotic device itself, the client software, and the Beam Docking Station. The docking station is where the remote user parks the robot to recharge. The bot stands 62-inches tall and weighs 95 pounds. It has a 17-inch screen that shows the operator’s life-sized face to be displayed – assuming your head will fit on a 17-inch screen.
Avatar Boss?

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  1. This is not news - it's been going on for years, on a much less expensive level: key cards to gain access (the modern version of punching a time card) or logins that post the time if you're working remotely) and the ability to view the employee's hard drive and also "timbuktu" into their system to see what they're doing. How pathetic. How primitive. Is it any wonder that people have been wanting to escape the matrix for decades?