Sep 26, 2012

Vaccine to Prevent Premature Birth?

Premature Birth Vaccine?

 Pregnant women only started being vaccinated beginning in 2008 before that it was not recommended by doctors due to the overwhelming number of miscarriage it provoked. Today they jab expecting mothers with all kinds of needless vaccines that only damage the immune system of both mother and fetus. The system of madness has now moved into the owellian state of offering a vaccine to prevent premature births. Crazyness!
Via: HealthDayNews
 New research suggests it might someday be possible to create a vaccine that could protect a growing fetus from premature birth and related complications. The problem: Because fetal tissue contains material inherited from both the mother and the father, it raises the risk that the mother's immune system may sometimes recognize the fetus as a foreign invader that must be rejected. The result: premature birth, the study authors contend.
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