Sep 28, 2012

DARPA Developing Clothing That Will Track You With GPS Fabric

Your Clothes Will Track You
This sounds like a way of turning clothing into a tracking device by intergrating fabric and electronics. Small sensors in the fabric will detect movement expect this to be standard in clothing sold to the public in the next decade all for security reasons. No more waiting for the New World Order it is here the live we sleep!
Via: Nextbigfuture
 Techniques to keep people and equipment on target. That is why the Military relies on GPS or, when GPS is unavailable, precise sensors for navigation. These sensors, such as gyroscopes that measure orientation, are bulky and expensive to fabricate. For example, a single gyroscope designed as an inertial sensor accurate enough for a precision missile can take up to 1 month to be hand assembled and cost up to $1 million. DARPA has made progress in developing less expensive fabrication methods for inertial sensors and is making them orders of magnitude smaller and less expensive.