Aug 18, 2012

Army Issues Anti-Suicide Nano Tech Nasal Spray!

Anti -Feeling Spray?
Right on the heels of the nasal flu vaccine the Army issue the release of a new nanotech nasal spray to help slow down the rate of suicides in the military. The active ingredient is a neurochemical called thyrotropin-releasing hormone, or TRH, that has euphoric, calming, anti-depressant effects. TRH is a naturally occurring hormone made in the body but doesn't have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier the mad chemists have figured a way to adhere nanoparticles to the TRH making this process possible. Wouldn't you think if the TRH was supposed to go into the brain it would do so naturally not having to be forced by the hand of man? The Cocaine Vaccine science has declared a success uses the same principles of tricking to insert a chemical into the brain. The results of the Cocaine vaccine were that the test rats consumed 10 times the amount of cocaine need in order to achieve a euphoric high (success?).The first news of this was report by the Army times website where they mention a $3 million dollar award being given to the Indiana University School of Medicine along with scientist from Purdue and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Notice it was developed at a college university I wonder if anyone was contaminated during the study? This spray uses nano technology and is only being offered to the military but they hope to make it available for the general public very soon.
How young is too young?

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Texas State Sponsored Chemtrails Spray Synthetic Pyrethrins Called Duet

Chemtrails have been a part of our society for decades now only most people have forget the term that was used to describe these trails of chemicals in the sky. Farmers started "Crop Dusting" back in the early 1930's spraying chemicals on fields to remove weeds and clear land for agricultural purposes. Then Monsanto's created agent orange that was used to defoliate areas of Vietnam killing most all the jungles plants. Coming back to the US the same company gave us DDT which has been sprayed directly onto kids and communities during the late 50's early 60's. DDT was banned due to its affects on the neurological development of child and adults and has been placed on the EPA's list of neurological toxins. Now the state of Texas has decided to start spraying a new toxin on local communities in order to deal with the West Nile Virus being spread through mosquito bites. The pesticide's being used are synthetic pyrethrins that have a neurotoxic affect on insects and fish this is why the residents of the communities being sprayed were warned to cover all pond's that contain aquatic life. This synthetic version called Duet has a half life of up to 890 days in water making it a  long term hazard to marine life.

Aug 16, 2012

Pre-Traumatic Shot Disorder

Pre-Traumatic Shot Disorder may be the new PTSD for children growing up with intuitions so strong they have to be physically restrained in order to have the state sponsored injections administered. Get Vaccine Exemption Forms:

Aug 15, 2012

RFID 3D ID Cards display's moving holographic image of your face

I just came across this demonstration of the RFID 3D identification cards developed by a German company. This video is from a convention that was back in 2010 so given that technology grows at an exponential rate you can all but imagine what they have today. The RFID tagging device that is embedded in all United States passports can be read from a distance of 3 feet. This means that if you have an ID on you that is equipped with RFID technology every time you pass through a doorway that has a reader installed in it your movement will be logged.
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Aug 14, 2012

Facebook's Facedeal Cameras will be watching you!

Welcome to the minority report of the future with Facebook's Facedeals cameras being equipped with facial recognition software that is linked in with your Facebook profile. The way the software is pitched to the public is under the guise of hip, cool and saves you money. The only thing you have to do is give the Facedeals application permission to access your Facebook profile then their camera will register your face when it sees you enter a business that has incorporated the overt surveillance technology. Then though some series of rewards and points to be used in the digital online reality that Facebook has come to represent you will benefit and prosper in the most important of ways. To the "that's hot" generation the only thing that really matters in being Cool looking Sexy and Fitting in.
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Aug 12, 2012

Microsoft Sells Spy Software to Police Departments!

Microsoft and New York have been using a special software called "Domain Awareness" to monitor city streets and neighborhoods. The software incorporates all the features of a typical Orwellian driven society that involve surveillance, monitoring and spying on all citizens. Notice how the news report mentions that they have been using the system for 6 months before telling the public. Finally they tell you how it was all a sponsored beta test to let Microsoft start selling their Spy software to other cities and give kickbacks to New York for their cooperation. The next step will be to use military robots to enforce their corrupt laws during the coming insurrection.