Aug 18, 2012

Texas State Sponsored Chemtrails Spray Synthetic Pyrethrins Called Duet

Chemtrails have been a part of our society for decades now only most people have forget the term that was used to describe these trails of chemicals in the sky. Farmers started "Crop Dusting" back in the early 1930's spraying chemicals on fields to remove weeds and clear land for agricultural purposes. Then Monsanto's created agent orange that was used to defoliate areas of Vietnam killing most all the jungles plants. Coming back to the US the same company gave us DDT which has been sprayed directly onto kids and communities during the late 50's early 60's. DDT was banned due to its affects on the neurological development of child and adults and has been placed on the EPA's list of neurological toxins. Now the state of Texas has decided to start spraying a new toxin on local communities in order to deal with the West Nile Virus being spread through mosquito bites. The pesticide's being used are synthetic pyrethrins that have a neurotoxic affect on insects and fish this is why the residents of the communities being sprayed were warned to cover all pond's that contain aquatic life. This synthetic version called Duet has a half life of up to 890 days in water making it a  long term hazard to marine life.