Jul 25, 2012

Parents asked to Administer Flu Vaccines to their Children

 The system makes incremental steps towards the goal of complete control of the human condition and with every attempt they move closer to a reality in which we administer our own poisons to not only ourselves but to our children. The latest installment in our medical system of madness is to have parents administer vaccines to kids this will ensure that if a vaccine does damage to your child the only one held accountable will be you. That is if the recommendation of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is implemented by the British Government and its National Health Services.
 The first of these vaccines to be administer by parents, teachers or trained nursing assistance will be the live attenuated intranasal influenza vaccine called Fluenz marketed by AstraZeneca. Notice the words "live attenuated" this refers to the virus used in the vaccine. If you remember in the report I did called "Vaccine Mutates Chicken Virus Creates Deadly New Strain"  the Australian chicken farming industry used vaccines which contained live viruses. These live virus vaccines were injected into chickens and then through a genetic process they recombined to create a completely new virus which is stronger than the original.
 Giving kids live attenuated vaccines might be a way the eugenicist are creating new viruses and spreading new disease. This would be a standard play in the Heagalion tactics of problem reaction solution the new world orders minions love to implement on the unsuspecting masses gaining traction towards their plans of turning people into patients and kids into commodities.
Here is the Report by the Guardian out of UK:

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