Oct 12, 2012

Spider Bot: Personal Camping Robot Encloser & Guide

Via: Gadjitz
 One of the most challenging aspects of designing military robots is giving them the ability to travel in adverse conditions. Military operations often take place in unforgiving terrains, with weather and physical obstacles providing further problems. So how should the military robots of the future deal with sand, ice, rocks and other difficult situations? According to design firm Motion Code Blue, spiders provide the perfect design inspiration.
 Although Motion Code Blue proposes the Croww 540 as a “personal robot” for modern exploration, it’s easy to see how the hexapod bot would be indispensable in a military or law enforcement setting. Its six legs provide stability even in rough terrain, making it perfect for sandy environments where other robots might have a hard time staying upright. The Croww 540 is designed to carry heavy loads of supplies or drinking water as well as equipment necessary for exploring or carrying out important missions.
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