Oct 9, 2012

Internet Use Disorder? 2013 DSM-V New Disorders For New Medication

Internet Use Disorder
Via: Care2
What are the symptoms of Internet Use Disorder?
 Internet Use Disorder or IUD presents itself in many ways that are standard for addiction. Symptoms include but are not limited to:
1. A “preoccupation” with the Internet or Internet gaming
  • 2. Withdrawal symptoms when no longer able to access the Internet
  • 3. An increasing tolerance to the stimuli which means they require more time and greater Internet use in order to achieve the same high
  • 4. A loss of other interests
  • 5. Using the Internet to replace or make up for a lack of human relationships
  • 6. Failed attempts at quitting their Internet overuse
  • 7. Using the Internet as a tool to escape or improve general depression and sadness
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