Oct 9, 2012

Alabama Health Officials Release Vaccine Recall List

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The Alabama Department of Public Health has released a list of hospitals in the state included in the third recall of vaccines by the New England Compounding Center. State officials say the latest recall is precautionary and the recalled products have no known association with confirmed disease and have not been proven to be contaminated. They say hospitals in this recall and the second recall will be notifying patients who received the products purchased or produced after May 21, 2012.
 The FDA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and ADPH have asked health care facilities to notify all individuals who received an injectable NECC product. Those include an ophthalmic drug that is injectable or used in conjunction with eye surgery and a cardioplegic solution, purchased from or produced by NECC after May 21, 2012. The types of procedures include, but are not limited to, epidurals, joint injections, eye surgeries and heart surgeries. Nineteen Alabama residents have received NECC contaminated steroid products from procedures in Tennessee and Florida.
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