Oct 12, 2012

US Navy Working Personal Drones 'MacGyver' Robots

MacGyver Robot
Via: Technewsdaily
 Handy humans such as MacGyver can think of fast fixes for almost any scenario, but robots would still have trouble just getting around a fire or using a crowbar to pry open a stuck door. The U.S. Navy plans to help make a robotic MacGyver with almost $1 million in funding.
 A robot that could know or learn how to stand on a chair to reach a high object, brace a ladder, stack boxes to climb over obstacles, or build a temporary bridge from nearby wooden planks could do more than help itself — it could help U.S. sailors, airmen or soldiers in both peacetime and war. Such smart robots could possibly also pave the way for smarter robot servants capable of playing maid or butler by helping homeowners around the house.
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