Oct 11, 2012

DARPA's Plan X: Mapping The Internet Using Virtual Soldiers

Internet Soldiers
Via: Slate
 Next month, the Pentagon’s research unit DARPA will hold a brainstorming session with the private sector about the cyber-warfare project dubbed “Plan X.” Coming from the agency that gave us robotic mules, cars that drive themselves, not to mention the earliest beginnings of the Internet, an event of this scale might hold huge potential for cyber warfare technology.
 As the project name may suggest, details on Plan X are scarce. But we do know that it will be on the offense, not the defense. Despite apparent involvement in Flame and Stuxnet, the U.S. has avoided any talk over taking arms in the cyberwar. But with Plan X, along with the Air Force annoucing in February that they’re looking for better technology to launch cyber attacks and gather intelligence, the times may be a’changing. Cybertech expert James Lewis told the New York Times that he sees Plan X as “operationalizing and routinizing cyberattack capabilities.”
Human Hunting Robots