Sep 19, 2012

NASA Funds Human Avatar Robots

 Via: Azorobotics
Eight advanced robotics projects have been recognized by NASA. These projects will aid agency's future missions to support Obama administration's National Robotics Initiative. These projects will facilitate the development and deployment of robots by experts in the U.S. and even for operations like space exploration. Robots are capable of working alongside or operate in sync with human beings under various missions. Co-robotics work in tune with humans to promote efficiency, performance and safety, enabling the U.S. to have high competence and position in aerospace technology and sophisticated manufacturing.

NASA has selected the following proposals for development:
  • Active Skins for Simplified Tactile Feedback in Robotics
  • Toward Human Avatar Robots for Co-Exploration of Hazardous Environments
  • Actuators for Safe, Strong and Efficient Humanoid Robots
  • A Novel Powered Leg Prosthesis Simulator for Sensing and Control Development
  • Long-range Prediction of Non-Geometric Terrain Hazards for Reliable Planetary Rover Traverse
  • Manipulating Flexible Materials Using Sparse Coding
  • Whole-body Telemanipulation of the Dreamer Humanoid Robot on Rough Terrains Using Hand Exoskeleton (EXODREAM)
  • Long, Thin Continuum Robots for Space Applications   

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