Oct 28, 2012

Huge Vaccine Recall in Australian 115,000 Dosages

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Via: Yahoonews
 Parents have been urged not to worry, despite a mass recall of a common kids vaccine used to prevent diseases such as whooping cough, tetanus and polio. About 115,000 doses of the Infanrix hexa vaccine are on their way back to its Australian supplier GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) after bacteria was found in the Belgian factory where it was made. The precautionary recall relates to six batches of the vaccine which were distributed between August 2011 and January this year. GSK said it was possible many of the recalled 115,000 doses have already been administered to Australian kids, but stressed there were no health risks. Infanrix hexa is usually given to toddlers at two, four and six months as part of the National Immunisation Program, although it may also given to any child under eight who hasn't previously been vaccinated.
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