Oct 17, 2012

Meningitis Outbreak Just One of Many Tainted Products

Injecting Meningitis
Via: NBC
The compounding pharmacy suspected in a deadly meningitis outbreak settled a lawsuit alleging it produced a tainted shot that caused a man's death in 2004, while a pharmaceutical firm with common owners was accused this summer of failing to separate sterile and non-sterile supplies.
 Officials have identified Framingham, Mass., based-New England Compounding Center as the source of steroid shots suspected in the outbreak of rare fungal meningitis that has killed at least 12 people and made more than 130 others sick.
 Allegations of a product that caused a different form of meningitis were at the heart of a lawsuit filed against the company over the 2004 death. An 83-year-old man died about a year and a half after receiving an injection produced by the company. And another drug company that has some of the same owners, Ameridose LLC, was accused by a customer this year of failing to separate sterile and non-sterile products in its warehouse.
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