Nov 18, 2012

Mosquito Mutations Spread Brain-Crushing Plague

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Via: Dallasblog
 US Health officials are warning that the American public that mosquitoes are mutating into deadly killing machines, as well as causing debilitating brain damage in non-terminal cases. Apparently, the West Nile Virus may be getting much worse. The Houston Chronicle reports that, “Dr. Art Leis in Mississippi is reporting the virus damaging speech, language and thinking centers of the brain, something he hasn’t seen before – an much more encephalitis. Dr. Elizabeth Angus in Michigan tells the (Washington) Post she’s noticed brain damage in previously healthy patients, not just the sick and elderly.”
 In Dallas, neurologists have noticed more devastating encephalitis but in other parts of the brain.
According to the Houston Chronicle, “in Galveston, University of Texas Medical Branch virologist Alan Barrett said viral samples from mosquitoes and birds in the Houston area show signs of genetic changes, the Post reported.” Dallas has turned into a hot spot for plague-filled mosquitoes.
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