Nov 6, 2012

Voters Offered Vaccination at the Polls

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Via: Sanatonio
 For those who find themselves stuck when it comes to picking a presidential candidate, now comes the chance to be stuck twice — the second time by a nurse. Borrowing a public health strategy used in other cities, although none in Texas, the Metropolitan Health District, the nonprofit Health Collaborative and several private providers are setting up adult vaccination sites Friday near four polling places on the last day of early voting. Two shots — one for flu, the other a combination for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis — will be offered.
 “Adults tend to take care of their children's vaccines before they take care of their own, ” said Vivian Flores, immunization program manager at Metro Health. “And this is a chance to help increase their awareness and give them the opportunity. They're there, they're going to go vote. This is just a few extra minutes to go into an adjacent building and get their flu shot and their Tdap.”
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