Dec 3, 2012

Moore Regional Hospital Mandates Employee Flu Shots or Termination

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FirstHealth of the Carolinas is giving employees until the end of the year to get a flu vaccine or be fired. “We do everything we can to ensure the safety and decrease the risk of infection to our patients so that they leave the hospital healthier than when they were admitted,” said Dr. Paul Jawanda, an infectious diseases specialist at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. “Flu vaccinations for all staff to prevent the spread of flu in the hospital is one action we are taking to decrease the risk.”
 FirstHealth adopted a policy last June that requires all staff and volunteers who routinely work in patient care areas to be vaccinated annually for influenza. “Over the past few weeks, in anticipation of this year’s flu season, Employee Health has worked diligently to provide the flu vaccine to all employees and volunteers required to have the vaccine this year based on the policy,” Dr. John Krahnert, the health care system’s chief medical officer, said in a memo Tuesday to employees and volunteers. “Employees required by the policy to have the vaccine who do not have it by Dec. 31, 2012, will have their employment terminated for failure to comply with the flu vaccine policy,” Krahnert added. Volunteers who do not have a medical exemption and have not been vaccinated by the end of the year will be banned for the remainder of flu season.
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