May 14, 2012

AB2109 Vaccine Law Passes: Pay Doctor or No Exemption!

 With it being an election year the new world orders henchmen have the opportunity to once again make some incremental steps to removing your right to free will. California Assembly Bill AB2109 will make it so parents who choose to use the current philosophical vaccine exemption form will now have to have a consultation with a doctor and have them sign your waiver.
 The mainstream media pushes the paradigm that these new regulation will ensure that parents are fully informed before opting to not have their child vaccinated. They fail to mention that most parents who use vaccine exemption forms have done twice the amount of research on the topic compared to parents who rely solely on the televised media. Included in the deception is the omission of any financial obligation the parent would be subjected to under the new legislation.
 The doctor consultation would cost $50-$125 depending on the parent’s current insurance company.  With a total of 2.28% of California’s opting out of vaccination that adds up to 141,683 unvaccinated kids. Doing the math we see this would generate over $7 million dollars for the new world orders “DeathCare Industry” and rob the economy of over $15 million dollars in lost wages do to doctor consultations. This is about making parents jump through even more hoops to keep their children safe in an already toxic environment.
 The Globalists hope you will give up and just let them stick your child full of poisons in the name of Health. We need a national opt-in program rather than an opt-out program. To learn more about the new world order, please come to
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