May 16, 2012

Human Fetal Cells Make Pepsi Sweeter Also Used in Vaccines

 Merck started isolating cells from aborted fetus back in the 1960’s to culture their toxic concoctions known as Vaccines. Today we learn that Pepsi along with Nestle and Kraft have been using the same process to cultivate a tasty treat for the world to consume. Reviewing the facts we see that the EPA has listed Aspartame as a developmental neurotoxin but the media ignore this and push the artificial sweetener in over 6,000 products currently sold around the world. So it’s no surprise to find aborted fetus kidney cells used to sweeten Pepsi is considered a standard operating procedure.
 Listening to the media discuss the issue it quickly turns into a political debate that polarizes the masses and convolutes the facts. Looking at the morbid scientific practice of these eugenicists we begin to see how they’ve indoctrinated our culture through some form of blood worshiping, flesh eating sacrifice put into a Pepsi can or Merck Vaccine.
To find out more about the eugenicists evil plans visit:
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  1. I see it now... picture a shopping centre, a table with a stack of plastic cups and a bottle concealed with a cloth. A whiteboard explaining our proprietary process. A camera and tripod to capture responses. Invite passers by to taste test our new formula after explaining our process. How many takers? Mmmmm!!!