Jun 6, 2012

Measles Vaccination Kills Two Kids!

Inoculation officer is the last phrase I thought I would run into when researching the news feed on the measles vaccination killing two children hours after receiving the shot. The inoculation officer involved in this incident was immediately suspended and the local police confiscated the vaccines that had been used.  The article also states that the health center has an Officer in charge which gives the impression that uniformed officers are in charge of health facilities and the administration of medications and vaccinations. If it is state controlled is it also state enforced?  Were these vaccines used as a weapon? Why were they confiscated? To find out more about the hazards associated with vaccinations please visit:
Experimental vaccines:
Two kids die after being given measles vaccine:

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  1. Hi Kenny, this is alarming news. I have been posting off and on about the damage caused by the oral polio vaccine (OPV): see http://greenheritagenews.com/whos-polio-vaccine-causing-polio-in-children/. I am looking for interviewing someone knowledgeable on the topic, but no one has responded to my interview call so far. Do you know anyone experienced in health/vaccines/immunization who may be willing to take an interview via email? Thanks!