Aug 21, 2012

EPA Warns DEET Bug Spray is a Developmental Neurotoxin

DEET Bug Spray 
Since Texas began chemtrailing the state with a synthetic pesticide called Duet to control the mosquito's that have been giving locals the West Nile Virus. I decided to take a look into the media's coverage of the mosquito infestation and the current recommendation. Sure enough they are telling residents that the chemicals being sprayed on them don't provide 100% protection and they suggest using DEET bug spray to give them the full protection need during the outbreak. I have reported on the EPA's list of developmental neurotoxins and remembered seeing DEET on that list. Why does the CDC approve of the use of DEET for the general public when studies have shown that it causes neurological damage and brain development?
EPA's List of Developmental Neurotoxins

Notice Aspartame is on this list along with Fluoride & Bisphenol A which are all linked to a lowering in IQ's.
EPA's List of Developmental Neurotoxins
CDC's Approval of DEET
Media Recommend Using DEET
USAToday Recommending DEET

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