Jun 24, 2012

Flu Vaccination Giving Children Seizures FluVax!

 The swine flu was an engineered event which mutated virus’s from multiple animals creating a chimera of madness through the human manipulation of genetic traits stored in a Pandora ’s Box of DNA sequences.  They stumble in the dark trying to rearrange nature in a way that is more profitable for the current corporate controlled existence we find ourselves living in today. Vaccines are soft kill weapon designed to kill you over the course of your life while you spend money and time trying to fix what their toxic poisons have injured, damaged or destroyed.
 Mainstream media hosts a slew of pundits and so called experts that spew their predictive programming onto the unsuspecting masses of misguided minds. Once it has been seen on TV it is accepted as a factoid rather than a falsehood and then propagated through the social networks and soon becomes a cultural meme that is embraced and used as a catch phase by the fashion focused youth of today. Television was designed to tell you what they want you to know rather than inform you of any truth that might better your life. When it comes to sensationalism the topic of vaccines has been exploited more often than the notion of war being a path to peace.
 The FluVax vaccine was the weapon of choice for the Australian population during the 2009 swine flu outbreak. This weaponized vaccine has now been directly linked to causing seizures in children under the age of five. Created by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) the Fluvax vaccine is still on the market and is being injected into adults as a way to stem the seasonal flu in Australia. The only precautions that have been made in light of this information are emplacing a ban on Fluvax prohibiting its use on children less than five years of age. CLS has admitted that after an extensive investigation they have no idea why their toxic potion has created this response in child. They believe it has something to do with the way the vaccine affects the child’s immune system and age is a key factor.
 The Fluvax vaccine study showed a nine fold increase in fevers and convulsions when compared to the other flu vaccine currently on the market. In the end the topic is swept under the rug of lies and deception as the Pharos in charge keep marching forward with their agenda of death and destruction in hopes that the inoculation of the American mind will maintain their status quo “people are patients”.
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