May 7, 2012

HIV Vaccine Infects 172 Patients During Clinical Trials

 After researching the topic of manufactured race specific Bioweapons I kept coming across the subject of HIV and AIDS. The census on the internet was that the military had started to develop these Bioweapons using public money and they were strategically deploying them through the use of vaccines. Dr. Boyd Graves has constructed a timeline of this process that started in 1961 when the military received its first installment of over $20 million dollars to begin its work on what would later become known as HIV.
 During this investigation I uncovered ongoing studies conducted by different agencies all under the umbrella of the National Institute of Health or NIH. The military has been experimenting on soldiers for decades and know they needed a new way to increase the parameters of their studies. Clinical Trials website is where all these public experiment results and studies can be found. With over a 120,000 ongoing studies in 179 countries the site has a cornucopia amount of information just waiting to be discovered.
 A new study comes out of “Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center” showing that in recent HIV vaccine trials on 1,836 patients 172 had become infected with HIV. In addition any of the 1,836 patience whom developed antibodies to the vaccine had a two-to-four fold increase in their risk of future infection. This might explain why there are so many sick people know a days. Remember they are using genetically mutated viruses to make these vaccines and Cancer is a Virus. If you look at the number of cancer cases around the world the eugenicist evil plan begins to come into focus. Sick people are more reliant on others while being dependent on medications that are currently under government controls. To thinks that these vaccines have made the population more susceptible to disease and illness only demonstrates the level of perversion in the New World Orders agenda. To learn more about HIV & Bioweapons please come to my website where I have dozens of documentaries and videos!

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