May 6, 2012

Experimental Vaccines Youtube is Censoring & Threatening Me!

Do to Youtube Censoring my ability to post certain material due to what they believe are copyright violation I filmed this short rant to demonstrate how the Political Powers that be and the system are now locking down your right to free speech and self expression. Below is the original post I had written for Experimental Vaccines Comedy Sunday it seems to still fit so I will leave it posted:

Politics seems to polarize people into a type of persona exemplified by the sports athlete who attends the game wearing face paint and waving signs as if their action will some how affect the out come of the game. Reminds me of my favorite quote from Joseph Stalin, "it's not the vote that counts its who counts the vote". Watching the movie Hacking Democracy you realize that Stalin's observation were painfully accurate. Through the manipulation of computer software votes are changed without having to rely on the diligence of a hired hand. Mark Twain Said, "nothing in politics is an ascendent, if it happens in politics it was plan to happen".
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