May 5, 2012

Experimental Vaccines Daily Blog Movie Saturday: “Kymatica”

 Instead of pointing out problems and asking everyone else for solutions, Ben Stewart has put together an impress tail of the nature of humanity. In this documentary Stewart shows us the answers to the problems that have been a plague on our society and encourages everyone who watches that they are the solution. Stewart suggests that all this external noise is a distraction and that the solution to today’s current state of affairs lies within. In fact Stewart is able to use words and images to help simplify the overwhelming amount of information we are subjected to on a daily basis.
  Kymatica takes us through the todays social ideologies and breaks it down in a way that can only be described as superb! I have watched both Kymatica and his earlier documentary “Esoteric Agenda” at least a dozen times and each time I find myself chasing another rabbit of information down a hole of enlightenment. Enjoy this Feature length Documentary on my website Experimental Vaccines thanks for watching and reading my daily blog see you tomorrow on “Comedy Sunday”
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