Apr 30, 2012

The Titanic Never Sank but The Olympic Did?

 To think after all these years that the Titanic never did sink in the Atlantic Ocean as it has been talked about for over 100 years. The evidence presented in this video has overwhelming implication and definitely leads us to believe that quite possibly the Olympic is the vessel at the bottom of the Ocean. I had no idea that the Titanic had a sister ship but after watching this videos I have become aware of many other things surprisingly omitted from history.
 Seems odd that all these circumstances are coincidence especially how J.P. Morgan cancelled his trip and took off those expensive bronze sculptures. Then the testimonies of the men at the trial seemed strange to say the least. First, one of the bridge men says, “I never left the Titanic, the Titanic left me”. Another officer on the bridge referred to the ship by saying, “I hate this old ship”. This would have been his second day on the ship unless it was the Olympic, then he would have been on it for over 6 months and involved in 2 wrecks.