May 10, 2012

USA Developmentally Disabled Kids: 1 in 6 Diagnosed DD

 A staggering 1 in 6 children born in the United States are diagnosed with a developmental disability. Having worked with DD’s for 24 years I found it shocking to see these statistics knowing that most developmental disabilities were extreme in origin and usually accompanied by physical disabilities. Finding out that the leading disorder currently in the public lexicon was ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was a discovery I hadn’t expected to make.
 Having worked with Dozens of Psychiatrist over the years I am aware that they only know how to write prescription to solve just about any problem. Would you believe they have pills for; Arithematic Learning Disorder, Young Adult Rebellion Disorder, Conduct Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder the list goes on and on. Today they want to medicate personality traits like being shy or nervous in front of strangers. The scariest part of the equation is that once a psychiatrist starts their practice all the information regarding new medication comes solely from Sales Representatives that give kickbacks when doctors prescribe their “New Pill”.
 These new pills come from Big Pharma who manufactures an endless stream of synthetically enhanced poisons to make you completely docile and compliant. The way these doctors determine if you have a brain imbalance is not through a rigorous slew of tests on your brain or blood instead they rely on intuition and opinion. You see the psychiatrist get together every so often and have a show vote on what the new “Disorder” ”Disease” or “Poison” will be introduced into the Worlds “Free Range” Society we live in today.
 To learn more about the movie clips used in this video presentation please come to my website where I have uploaded the entire 2 hour Documentary. If you are interested in finding out more about the new world orders pharmaceutical division’s agenda and how best to avoid it come Experimental Vaccines Big Pharma Page:
I have dozens of full length video documentaries that will make you weep like a little baby.
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