Jun 21, 2012

Canadian’s Exposed To Contaminated TB Vaccinations!

 Canada issued a total recall of the tuberculosis vaccine due to fears of contamination that might have occurred during the manufacturing process at Sanofi Pasteur the states only supplier of the BCG vaccine. A total of 47,000 dosages have been recalled but the media have failed to disclose how many units had been administered to the public before the voluntary recall was made public. The Canadian Health officials report that adverse reactions are the typical “mild to moderate swelling at the injection site” but nothing to worry about. If this is the case then why not recall all vaccines? Since they all cause the same symptoms associated with this contaminated BCG vaccine.
 Vaccines are designed to kill you slowly over the course of your life by weakening the immune system and making you a permanent customer to the New World Orders’ Death Care Industry. To learn more about the evil plan to turn People into Patients and to make your life a Diagnosis please come to Experimental Vaccines and Fight the New World Order. Please Share/Repost/Rate!
Tuberculosis vaccine recalled over contamination fears:
Information update:  Sanofi Pasteur recalls tuberculosis (BCG) vaccine:
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  1. Thank you for distributing the truth about dangerous and deadly vaccines. I have been doing the same. This topic is so difficult to educate people on because the NWO has programmed the public to trust these disgusting vaccines. Anyway, bravo on your excellent work. Bravo!

  2. In Canada germ warfare (T.B., Smallpox)has been used to kill off hundreds of Indian children. To learn more about this, see