Aug 3, 2012

FDA Approves RFID Embedded in Medications NBC News Reports!

 Holy Cow! I just reported on this a few days ago and now the ball is rolling with the information hitting the mainstream prestitutes. The FDA have approved the use of micro-chipping medications to monitor patient usage and make sure they comply with the doctors orders.I thought the self administering vaccine patches were creative but Big Brother has definitely out done themselves this time under the guise of health and safety. They say the technology will be used to help senior's who take multiple medications and sometimes forget to take their soma. Recently the FDA had to order a label warning change to the Statin drugs like Lipitor for their connections with Alzheimer's. Once they incorporate all the facets of this little scheme come to fruition I bet this technology will be used to levee monetary penalties on patients whom refuse to take their medications. This will then be introduced into the next vulnerable sect of the population "the mentally ill" some of which are on as many as 28 medications. To learn more about the use of psychiatric medication visit experimental vaccines medication pimps page. Thank you and please participate in the dissemination of this information by Sharing it with other via Facebook, Twitter and Email Thanks!