Aug 1, 2012

Ingestible Micro Chips Embedded into Medications to Monitor Use?

 This product, called Helius, will include “sensor-enabled tablets” to monitor patients' medication use. Compliance with doctors’ instructions has been identified as a problem area in medicine, especially when patients are prescribed multiple drugs that may need to be taken at different times.
Sounds like the new world order has built in a perfect control mechanism to make sure you comply with your health providers advice or possible be penalized financially with an increase in your health costs due to non compliance. They have plans on mailing vaccines for self-administration maybe this technology will be incorporated to help track and trace the masses. They will probably offer some type of discount in your health costs if you take the RFID medication that communicates to a patch that connects to a cell phone so the doctor can monitor your "health" from a distance. Step by step inch by inch the motto of the NWO!
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