Aug 27, 2012

Vaccine Pills?

Vaccine Madness!
Pill Vaccines
 The lines of reality and motion pictures have been blurred once again with the release of the Bourne Legacy in which the lead character has to take pills that contain a viral load. “Formulation V720” is the first prototype of a technology that would enable the new world orders big pharma division to create a chimera vaccine pill that will deliver their evil poisons. The capsule “Formulation V720” is still awaiting FDA approval but will more than likely get the permission needed to move forward with capsulating vaccines. Boasting about the profits and revenues this concoction will generate it is easy to see what the main objective is, money, money, money, Mo…ney! MONEY!
Here is what the mainstream Prestitutes have to say:
Pills Kill!
 The vaccine pill was developed by Medicine for a Better Tomorrow, a 10-member team attending an enrichment program at a university. Eighteen-year-old Grant Sparling is the president of the team. They decided to develop the new vaccine delivery system in response to the challenge to develop a product for the aging population of Canada. People age 65 and older are more susceptible to influenza, but as age increases, so does the fear of needles.
 V720 effectively addresses one of the most significant barriers to higher influenza vaccination rates: needles.  Product cost is comparable to traditional hypodermic vaccination, but with V720, no doctors or nurses are required.  The cost savings to the Canadian government alone are projected to be significant.