Sep 13, 2012

DARPA’s Stair Climbing Robot Designed to Chase Humans?

Imagine these robots hunting down humans during the coming cultural collapse gripping the world and slowly taking over America. The police state seems inevitable at this point and to ensure that the military will not disobey orders when asked to kettle citizens the elitist are making robots that will do not only as they are asked but will do everything they are programmed to.
 A modified platform resembling these robots is expected to be used as government-funded equipment (GFE) for performers in Tracks B and C of the DARPA Robotics Challenge. The GFE Platform is expected to have two arms, two legs, a torso and a head, and will be physically capable of performing all of the tasks required for the disaster response scenarios scheduled in the Challenge. However, despite the appearance of the robots in the video, the Challenge is decidedly not exclusive to humanoid robot solutions. Any designs are welcome provided they are compatible with shared human-robot environments, compatible with human tools, and compatible with human operators so that a human without expertise in robotics can give commands and confidently anticipate the response.  DARPA Legged Squad Support System (LS3); The goal of the LS3 program is to demonstrate that a legged robot can unburden dismounted squad members by carrying their gear, autonomously following them through rugged terrain, and interpreting verbal and visual commands.