Oct 23, 2012

Forced Vaccination In India

Via: Kenranews
 The humanity of India washes up at its train stations. Passengers sprawling among vagrants wait for trains, while sweepers halfheartedly shuffle brooms in the heat. It's Sunday, Day 1 of Immunization Week. During national campaigns, which occur twice a year, 2 million volunteers fan out to India's train stations, bus depots, temples, churches and mosques, armed with vials of polio vaccine. Checking progress at a city slum, Delhi's Polio Eradication Program chief, Dr. C.M. Khanijo, says the vaccine must be kept at around 35 degrees Fahrenheit — even when the temperature outside is 109 degrees. "The quality of the vaccine remains better if it is maintained in the cold chain," he says. "And the cold chain is maintained by keeping ice or ice packs."
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