Oct 27, 2012

Vaccinated With Whooping Cough Makes You Contagious and Infectious

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 Predictive programming and misinformation is spread through thousands of networks in the mainstream media this is yet another example of lies and deception.
Via: Foxnews
Vaccinating moms and older siblings against whooping cough may prevent infants from coming down with the infection, a new study suggests. Whooping cough typically isn't dangerous in adults, but it can make babies very sick. Because there isn't a vaccine for newborns, some experts recommend "cocooning" - vaccinating everyone who lives with an infant - as a strategy for protection. An alternative that's been proposed is vaccinating pregnant women only against whooping cough, which is also known as pertussis.
 "Everyone agrees that there's more pertussis circulating and there is more infant pertussis and more deaths," said Dr. Janet Englund, an infectious diseases researcher from Seattle Children's Hospital. "More people need to be vaccinated and no one is going to be against vaccinating and cocooning," she told Reuters Health. "The question is, is it sufficient?"
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