Dec 26, 2012

MMF Disorder Directly Linked to Vaccines

Vaccines are Toxic
Via: Spreadlibertynews
Macrophagic Myfasciitis, known as MMF, is a condition with symptoms of incapacitating muscles and joints, paint, chronic inflammation, and fatigue. Fairly new, it was only first discovered in 1998. MMF is caused by a break down of the central nervous system, similar to MS, and damage to the fatty layer myelin sheaths, which protect the body’s nerves. Without adequate nerve protection, abrasions can occur in addition to the body’s natural reactionary autoimmune response: an inability to transfer appropriate nerve impulses that result in the nerves attacking themselves, resulting in the pain. So how does one acquire such a debilitating condition? Vaccinations.
 Vaccines with traces of aluminum present have been proven to be the direct link to developing MMF. Eleven years ago, just three years after the discovery of MMF, a study was published in the journal Brain, which revealed that aluminum-containing vaccines such as hepatitis A and B shots and tetanus shots are the direct cause of MMF. The study reads, “The association between MMF and multiple sclerosis-like disorders may give new insights in to the controversial issues surrounding vaccinations and demyelinating CNS disorders. Intramuscular injections of such vaccines (that contain aluminum) in experimental animal models induce comparable but transient lesions at the site of injection, suggesting that MMF may occur ‘in a predisposed subset of individuals with impaired ability to clear aluminum from the deltoid muscle.’”
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