Dec 18, 2012

No Flu Shot, No Job: Banner Health New Policy

Choice should be Mandatory
Banner Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Marjorie Bessel said the hospital system's nearly 37,000 employees are all in compliance with the company's new mandatory flu shot policy. However, Bessel did admit there are some part-time employees that are not allowed to return to work until they are in compliance with the new rule. "There are some employees that are not working now because they have not either got the vaccine or been exempted," said Bessel.
 In September, Banner Health announced that the company was mandating flu shots for all of its 37,000 employees in seven states, including Arizona. The company began enforcing the new policy on Dec. 1. "If you're unable to comply with the policy, we have a process we will follow that will include not being able to work," said Bessel. Banner Health released the following statement to CBS 5:
"Every employee is important to Banner Health, but we cannot compromise on providing the safest experience for our patients. A number of Banner employees have been placed on unpaid leave because they have not complied with Banner's policy requiring employees to receive the flu shot or file a medical or religious exemption. Banner is working with these employees to bring them into compliance and they will have until Dec. 7 to receive their flu shot or file an exemption. It is our hope that these individuals will choose to comply with the policy."
Vaccine Exemption Forms