Jan 7, 2013

Parents Paid Hush Money After 40 Children Paralyzed by Vaccine

Via: TheHealthyHomeEconomist
A vaccination tragedy is currently unfolding in Gouro, a small town in the  African republic of Chad.  Late last month, 500 children received the meningitis vaccine MenAfriVac and so far, at least 40 of them are confirmed to be paralyzed. What’s more, the media trail for this disturbing incident in the former French colony has been all but sanitized with no news outlets save for the French newspaper La Voix reporting the story and the government of Chad desperately trying to silence the frantic parents of the paralyzed children by paying them hush money. Adverse Reactions Began Within 24 Hours of  Receiving Vaccine. One resident of Gouro who has 2 cousins who remain hospitalized from the vaccine, reported to La Voix that many of the paralyzed children began to have adverse reactions within 24 hours of the shot. Headaches and vomiting were the first symptoms followed by convulsions and in at least 40 cases, paralysis. The vaccination effort took place on December 20, 2012 and yet it was a full 6 days later on December 26, 2012 before Chad government authorities stepped in to transport 50 of the critically ill children to a hospital in N’Djamena, the capital of  Chad. Government authorities have also reportedly attempted to silence the aggrieved, frustrated, and angry parents by paying them hush money.
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