Feb 11, 2013

Bayer Sells HIV Contaminated Blood to Children Affected With Haemophilia

The pharmacratic dictators in charge want nothing other than to make a profit by any means necessary. Just like most gigantic corporation created for the sole purpose of gaining power, influence and money the pharmaceutical industry capitalizes on sick people to expand its empirialistic needs. Bayer, a company known mostly for the sale of aspirin have been caught selling HIV contaminated blood to children who are afflicted with a blood disorder called hemophilia. This condition requires that the children receive transfusions of blood on a weekly basis.
 Instead of destroying their product they doubled down and sold it to a different country hoping their secret would go undetected. The founding fathers granted corporations a 20 year charter in order to limit their growth knowing that one day if corporations were not limited they would grow bigger than government. Welcome to the New World Order!