Feb 8, 2013

Piers Morgan Says He Got A Flu Shot And Ten Days Later He's Sick!

 Piers Morgan, one of the pundits that works for the Communist News Network CNN recently went on the air and received a flu shot only to become sick 10 days later. Listen here as Piers Morgan admits the flu shot is responsible for his illness. Even mainstream media is starting to question the efficacy of vaccinations blaming their illness on the flu shot yet they constantly promote vaccinations as a modern-day medical miracle. When you look at most of the outbreaks focused on by the media in the past 90% of the cases revolve around vaccinated patients. The Japanese Imperial Army used vaccinations and hygiene programs as a way of spreading bacteria and viruses throughout communities in order to test the efficiency of the illness and the rate of infection. This tactic was brought to the US at the end of the second world war along with other Nazi scientists through programs called Project rat line and Paperclip. The scientists were sent to Fort Detrick and Dugway Proving Grounds in the early 50s in order to continue their research on the application of biological weapons. Soldiers were the first volunteers to be used as subjects of the United States biological weapons program. Today it is continued and branched out into the general public using the entire populace as a petri dish.
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