Mar 5, 2015

Vaccine Bills Across the Country NVIC

AZHB 24662/17/2015OPPOSEIntroduced and assigned to the Education CommitteeRequires schools to post immunization rates of pupils enrolled at the school
AZSB 13982/4/2015OPPOSEIntroduced and assigned to rules committeeRemoves law that allows parents who do not vaccinate their children to be foster parents
AZSB 13112/3/2015SUPPORTReferred to Rules and Health and Human Services CommitteeMakes changes to current law concerning public health emergencies
CASB 7923/2/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/27/2015Prohibits day care providers from hiring anyone who has not been vaccinated with 3 vaccines
CASB 2773/2/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/20/2015, in Senate Rules Committee waiting committee assignmentEliminates the personal belief exemption in California
CO6 CCR 1009-23/2/2015OPPOSEScheduled for public hearing 4/15, written comments by 4/9Health Dept. rules to implement HB 1288 concerning filing of personal belief exemptions
COSB 0772/18/2015SUPPORTPassed the full senate, assigned to House Public Health Care & Human Services CommitteeEstablishes the Parent's Bill of Rights
CTHB 69493/3/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 3/3/2015 and referred to the Joint Committee on Public HealthRequires notarization and education for religious belief exemptions
CTHB 54482/27/2015OPPOSEOn the agenda for public hearing in the Joint Committee on Public Health, 3/4/2015Requires health care providers be vaccinated for flu
FLHB 411/SB 3322/28/2015WATCHHB 411 scheduled for hearing in Health Care Appropriations 3/3/2015Changes to existing pneumococcal vaccine requirements for nursing home residents
GAHB 5043/5/2015WATCHHouse substitute adopted 3/3/2015Expands the list of vaccines that can be administered by pharmacists
HIHB 4582/26/2015OPPOSEPassed the House Education Committee 2/25/2015Requires schools to annually provide information on HPV, DTaP, flu and meningococcal vaccines
HIHB 2532/26/2015OPPOSEPassed the Committee on Consumer Protection on 2/25/2015Allows pharmacists to administer any vaccine to minors 14 and older without parental consent
IDS 11213/5/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 3/3/2015 and referred to the Senate Health and Welfare CommitteeAllows immunization records in the tracking system to be shared with Idaho Health Data Exchange
ILSB 7513/4/2015OPPOSEPostponed in Judiciary Committee 3/3/2015Provides liability protections to dentists who administer vaccines
ILHJR26, HR 1443/4/2015OPPOSEHJR 26 and HR 144 were approved by the House Human Services Committee and placed on the calendarResolution to encourage higher rates of vaccinations
ILSB 14103/4/2015OPPOSEAssigned to the Executive Committee on 3/3/2015Severely Restricts Religious Exemption to Vaccine Mandates
ILHR 1842/27/2015OPPOSEIntroduced and referred to rules on 2/25/2015Resolution to encourage vaccines for children, adolescents, and adults
ILSB 17762/24/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/20/2015Changes the wording of the religious exemption to vaccination
INSB 4613/4/2015OPPOSEPassed the full senate, referred to the house 2/16/15Adds Hepatitis A Vaccine mandate, removes parent ability to provide history of chickenpox
INHB 13592/26/2015OPPOSEDied on the house floor 2/24/2015Sets goal of 80% vaccination rate for HPV, moves vaccine law from education code to health code
MDSB 5982/13/2015OPPOSEHearing scheduled for 2/25/15 in Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs CommitteeRequires all vaccines administered be reported to the tracking system, ImmuNet
MDSB 5972/13/2015OPPOSEScheduled for a hearing 2/25/15Changes current law that allows people who work in resident institutions to refuse flu shots
MDHB 6872/13/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/12/15 and referred to Health and Government CommitteeEliminates the religious belief exemption to vaccination in Maryland
MELD 4713/4/2015OPPOSEReferred to Health and Human Services 3/3/2015Requires doctor certification for parents using a personal belief exemptions for school/child care
MELD 6063/4/2015OPPOSEReferred to Health and Human Services CommitteeEliminate personal belief exemptions
MELD 4732/27/2015OPPOSEReferred to the Committee on Health and Human Services 2/26/2105Mandates new vaccines for TDaP and Meningitis
MNSF 380/HF 3932/3/2015OPPOSEIntroduced and referred to Senate Health, Human Services and Housing CommitteeEliminates conscientious belief exemption, replaces with a PBE that requires a physician statement
MOSB 5582/27/2015WATCHIntroduced on 2/26/2015Requires LTC facilities offer flu vaccines and keep a record of who accepts and who declines
MOHB 976/SB 5332/27/2015OPPOSEHearing scheduled for HB 976 on 3/3/2015 in Children and Families CommitteeRequires day care centers and preschools inform parents if a child attending has an exemption
MOSB 3292/14/2015OPPOSEReferred to Senate Veterans' Affairs and Health Committee on 2/12/15Mandates flu vaccination for all employees working in facilities that provide medical care
MOHB 8462/10/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/5/2015, read 2nd time 2/9/2015Requires parents receive a letter from the principal if there is a nonvaccinated child in attendance
MOHB 6701/27/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 1/26/2015Requires schools provide information on HPV Vaccines in any course in sexual education
MSHB 1302/14/2015SUPPORTDied on the calendar 2/12/15Allows conscientious belief exemptions to vaccination for school students in MS
MTHB 5242/24/2015WATCHTabled in committee 2/23/2015Requires health dept. to provide a report to the legislature with recommended vaccine additions
MTHB 732/21/2015OPPOSETabled by the House Human Services Committee 2/20/2015Allows disclosure of a patient's immunization record without the patient's authorization
MTHB 1582/17/2015WATCHPassed the Senate Education and Cultural Resources Committee 2/16/15Adds new mandates to vaccines required for school, adds a personal belief exemption
NELB 182/13/2015OPPOSEMotion to bracket until June 5, 2015 approved on 2/12/2015Adds meningitis vaccine requirement for students entering 7th grade and 16 year old students
NELB 6502/10/2015OPPOSEScheduled for a hearing 2/25/2015Encourages all hospitals to offer TDaP vaccines to maternity patients or parents of new babies
NHHB 3833/4/2015SUPPORTScheduled for executive session in House, Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs, 3/3/2015Adds privacy protections to the vaccine tracking system
NHSB 1083/4/2015WATCHAmended in Senate Health and Human Services CommitteeNew mandates for tracking flu vaccination status of health care workers
NHSB 1302/14/2015OPPOSEIn Senate Health and Human Services CommitteeExpands the vaccine tracking system in NH
NJS1147/A19312/14/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 1/30/2014Restricts religious exemptions to vaccination in NJ
NJA3890/S27542/10/2015OPPOSEA3890 voted out of Assembly Health Committee with amendments, S2754 filed 2/6Requires Continuing Care Facilities to provide flu vaccine info. to older residents
NJA25701/25/2015SUPPORTIntroduced on 2/10/14 and referred to Health and Senior Services, not moving at this timeEliminates use of vaccines containing mercury over three years
NJA15341/25/2015SUPPORTIntroduced on 1/16/2014 and referred to Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee, not movingProvides for a conscientious exemption to vaccination
NJA3511/25/2015WATCHIntroduced on 1/16/2014 and referred to Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee, not movingMakes changes to exemptions to vaccination
NMSB 1213/4/2015OPPOSESenate Judiciary Committee adopted a substituteEstablishes the Vaccine Purchasing Act
NMHB 5222/23/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/20/2015Restricts the current religious belief exemption in NM
NMSB 3622/17/2015OPPOSESubstitute bill submitted by Senate Public Affairs CommitteeRemoves ability to opt out of the vaccine tracking system, adds new sections to public health laws
NVSB 1172/6/2015OPPOSEIntroduced and referred to Senate Health and Human Services CommitteeMandates HPV and Meningitis Vaccines for public and private school students
NYS 38982/24/2015OPPOSEIntroduced and referred to Senate Health Committee 2/20/2015Requires all vaccines administered to adults be entered into the tracking system
NYS 38992/24/2015OPPOSEIntroduced and referred to the Committee on Higher EducationAllows pharmacists to administer flu vaccines to children 9 and older
NYS 39002/24/2015WATCHIntroduced and referred to the Senate Higher Education Committee on 2/20/2015Allows pharmacists to administer all ACIP recommended vaccines to adults
NYA 9432/24/2015SUPPORTEnacting clause stricken, diedProvides for philosophical exemptions to required vaccination for school students
NYS 2712/A 15282/1/2015OPPOSEIntroduced and referred to Senate and Assembly Health CommitteeHPV Vaccines for minors without parental consent or knowledge
NYA 02241/12/2015SUPPORTFiled on Jan. 7, 2015 and referred to the Assembly Committee on LaborProhibits mandatory flu vaccination as a condition of employment
NYA 7911/12/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 1/7/2015 and referred to Assembly Health CommitteeAdds meningitis vaccine requirement for 6th and 11th grade students
NYS 509/ A 18221/12/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 1/7/2015, 1/13/2015 and referred to Senate and Assembly Health CommitteeAdds HPV Vaccine mandate for school children entering 6th grade in New York
OKHB 15292/24/2015WATCHIntroduced and referred to rulesClarifies language in the OK State law concerns exemptions to vaccination
ORSB 5052/24/2015OPPOSEScheduled for a hearing in the Senate Health Committee 3/2/2015Requires all hospitals in OR to offer flu vaccines to patients 65 and older
ORSB 6732/21/2015WATCHIntroduced and referred to Senate Health Care Committee 2/20/2105Allows dentists to administer vaccines
ORSB 4422/21/2015OPPOSEHearing held in the Senate Committee on Health Care, 2/18/2015, still in committeeEliminate non medical exemptions to vaccination
PASR 273/4/2015WATCHReferred to Senate AppropriationsResolution to study and make recommendations concerning youth vaccinations
PATBA2/21/2015OPPOSEAnnounced, not filed as of 2/14/2015Eliminates the personal belief exemption in PA
PASB 4072/5/2015OPPOSEIntroduced and referred to Senate Public Health and Welfare CommitteeComply with ACIP recommendations for flu vaccine for children, using schools to give flu vaccines
RIS 3812/26/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/25/2015 and referred to Senate Health and Human Services CommitteeEliminates the religious belief exemption
SCH 3204/ SB 2783/4/2015OPPOSEH 3204 scheduled for floor debate 3/4/2015Allows Dept. of Health to offer HPV Vaccine to students enrolling in 7th grade
SDHB 10593/4/2015OPPOSEPassed committee, waiting to be heard by full senateRequires immunization records be shared by health care providers, government agencies and schools
TNHB 458/SB 5132/10/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/10/2015Mandates all college students living in on-campus housing be vaccinated for meningococcal disease
TXHB 21053/2/2015OPPOSEFiled on 3/2/2105Requires notification when a not fully vaccinated child is attending schools, allows for transfers
TXSB 5383/1/2015OPPOSESB 538 Scheduled for a public hearing 3/4/2015 at 8:30 am E1.028Expands police powers to detain individuals suspected of exposure to communicable diseases
TXHB 20062/26/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/26/2015Eliminates Conscientious Exemptions to Vaccination
TXHB 16742/20/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/19/2015Requires physician counseling for conscientious and religious belief exemption
TXSB 5472/19/2015OPPOSEReferred to Senate Health and Human Services on 2/18/15Requires posting of exemption numbers on the Internet by schools and the Dept. of Health
TXHB 15932/19/2015OPPOSEFiled on 2/18/2015Requires all public schools provide parents the number of students enrolled not fully vaccinated
TXHB 2122/14/2015OPPOSEReferred to Juvenile Justice & Family Issues CommitteeAllows minors 14 and older in the Texas Juvenile Justice System to consent to vaccination
TXSB 29/ HB 4652/14/2015OPPOSEHB 465 scheduled for a hearing in Public Health Committee for 3/3/2015Makes inclusion into vaccine tracking system automatic & REMOVES current opt-in consent requirement
TXHB 11852/6/2015WATCHFiled 2/5/2015Adds advance practice nurses to those who can sign a medical exemption in TX
TXSB 2981/29/2015OPPOSEReferred to Senate Education CommitteeAdds new meningitis vaccine mandate for public school students
VASB 1083/HB 21942/13/2015OPPOSEHouse HWI Subcommittee #3 recommends laying the bill on the tableAdds new mandate for meningococcal conjugate vaccine for 6th and 12th grade students
VTH 2662/23/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/20/2015Requires all school students, teachers, administrators, and staff members to be fully vaccinated
VTS92/21/2015OPPOSEFavorable reports from Judiciary and Appropriations CommitteesS9 "Child Protection Bill"
VTH98 / S532/21/2015OPPOSEHearing held in House Human Services, 2/18/15Allows access to vaccination records by school administrators, allows sharing for research
VTH2122/14/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/13/2015 and referred to the House Committee on Health CareEliminates both the religious and philosophical belief exemptions in VT
VTS872/13/2015OPPOSEIntroduced on 2/11/15 and referred to the Senate Committee on Health and WelfareEliminates the philosophical belief exemption
WAHB 21083/4/2015SUPPORTIntroduced on 2/12/2015Prevents the dept. from denying a license to serve foster children for not being vaccinated for flu
WAHB 20092/24/2015OPPOSEPassed the House Health Care and Welless Committee 2/18/2015Eliminates personal belief exemptions
WASB 51432/6/2015OPPOSEPassed Senate Committee on Health CareEducation for expecting parents regarding recommended vaccines
WVSB 2862/28/2015WATCHIn Judiciary CommitteeConcerning authority of the commissioner and Immunization Officer to grant and revoke exemptions