Mar 5, 2015

Vaccine Bills That Need Your Attention Now! NVIC

StateDate PostedTitle
CA2/26/2015OPPOSE SB 277, Bill to Eliminate Personal Belief Exemptions to Vaccination
IL2/23/2015OPPOSE SB 1410, Bill to Severely Restrict Religious Exemptions to Vaccination
MD2/19/2015OPPOSE HB 687, Bill to Eliminate Religious Belief Exemptions to Mandatory Vaccination
ME3/4/2015OPPOSE LD 606, Bill to Eliminate Philosophical Belief Exemptions to Vaccination
MN2/16/2015OPPOSE Bills to Eliminate Conscientious Belief Exemption and Replace with a Restricted Exemption
NJ3/4/2015NJ Religious Exemption under attack - S1147 up on 3-9-15
NJ2/10/2015OPPOSE S1147 & A1931, Contact State Legislators and Senator Vitale
NM2/20/2015OPPOSE HB 522, Bill to Severely Restrict Religious Exemptions to Vaccination
OK3/3/2015OPPOSE SB 830, Bill to Eliminate all Non Medical Exemptions to Vaccination
OR3/4/2015OPPOSE SB 442, Bill to Eliminate Non-medical Belief Exemptions in Oregon
PA2/15/2015OPPOSE Legislation to Eliminate the Philosophical Belief Exemption in PA
RI3/3/2015OPPOSE S 381, Bill to Eliminate Religious Exemption
TX2/26/2015OPPOSE HB 2006, Bill to Repeal Conscientious and Religious Exemption
US2/23/2015YOU NEED TO ACT NOW - Vaccine Exemptions and Mandates Threatened in Even More States
VT2/21/2015OPPOSE H 266, requires ALL school students, teachers, administrators, and staff be fully vaccinated
VT2/15/2015OPPOSE S 87 and H 212, Bills to Eliminate Religious and Philosophical Belief Exemptions
WA3/3/2015OPPOSE HB 2009, Calls Needed, Scheduled for Vote by the Full House