Nov 27, 2012

383 Students Given Unnecessary 3rd Flu Vaccination

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Via: Macon
Bibb County health officials said Monday that 383 elementary school students received an unnecessary extra flu vaccination over the past several weeks. Dr. David Harvey, director of the North Central Health District, said the state is involved in an investigation to determine why the extra vaccinations were given. Harvey said it’s unlikely the second flu shot will cause any problems for the students who received them, but the district is sending notes to parents Tuesday to explain the situation. Harvey said the 383 students attended all of the elementary schools in Bibb County. “The records were misinterpreted, and some of the students got an unnecessary dose,” he said. “But we don’t know of any adverse effects (of the extra shot).”
 Harvey said the district vaccinated about 3,200 students at Bibb elementary schools. Part of the confusion may have originated from the state’s guidelines about which students were supposed to have two flu vaccinations over the past two years. Of the 3,200 Bibb County students who received flu vaccinations at their schools this year, about 1,300 of them were given the second vaccination to meet that guideline. Of the 1,300 students, more than 900 received their second vaccination correctly, but the remaining 383 students received a third vaccination in the two-year period.
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