Nov 27, 2012

Medications with Microchips Embedded

Want to learn more about the national death care industry? Proteus Digital Health just received FDA approval to start embedding microchips into prescription medications to monitor a patient’s daily consumption. This new technology is part of a growing industry that uses the term “digital medicines” as a way of distinguishing itself from the other competitors in this eugenics driven death care industry. Monitoring patient’s daily usage is just the cover story the gives the illusion of security and protection when in reality it will be used to reinforce the compliance factor which is the ultimate goal when medicating the masses. The next step will be to penalize those who fail to take their medications as prescribed by the doctor with a small monetary fee. The system will be incorporated into everyday life with something as innocuous as a phone call from the automated national pill monitory agency reminding you to take your med’s or pay the piper. Read the rest...