Nov 29, 2012

85,000 Australians Disagree with Mandatory Vaccinations

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Via: AUnews
PARENTS are confused about whether to vaccinate their children due to a lack of information, support and open communication with doctors, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has said. Dr Rod Pearce, an AMA immunisation spokesman, said misinformation was the most common reason parents choose not to vaccinate. The issue of whether to vaccinate created heated debate earlier this week after figures were released showing a soaring rate of parents refusing to vaccinate. A poll, run on on Monday, asking whether vaccination for children should be mandatory, received more than 170,000 votes. Of those who voted, 50 per cent agreed. More than 6000 readers "liked" the story about deadly outbreaks of diseases spurred by people who don't vaccinate, and it received more than 500 comments. "Nothing more frightening than an idiot with an internet connection and a unhealthy dose of paranoia," wrote Ned, while Bentley said: "I think the sheep who have no idea what is being injected in their children should do some study". Michelle called for "freedom of choice when it comes to health".
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