Dec 1, 2012

Micro Patch Flu Vaccines Sent Via Mail

If the new world order gets their way you will be administering your own vaccinations via a micro patch that will be mailed to you by the government ran health care officials. On the cusp of the announcement that ObamaCare has been approved by the Supreme Court System I can’t help but wonder if vaccines will be mandated into health care coverage. This technology comes for the business world of communications and the inkjet printer market which has developed smaller and smaller needles to inject ink onto paper. Now they have incorporated the technology so they can inject chemicals into the human animal. This is why the new world order keeps an eye on each genre of technological development through the use of the college system and their multinational corporations. Combining computer tech with bio tech sounds like something right out of the movie “Gamer” where contestants are controlled via nano-chips and used in real life game play like you see in “Call of Duty”. Read the rest...